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Air conditioning in January? Yes, but my evergreen shrubs and camellias show obvious evidence of the plunging temps we experienced a few days ago. My daffodils are peeking from their warm beds but hesitant about making their debut. After all, its still January with February and March weather waiting in the wings. I turn to my morning devotional and read in Job. The destitute, impoverished, suffering saint had reached his spiritual limits after being falsely accused and judged by his so-called friend. Now it was Jobs time to rant, and he began by raising accusations against his Creator. Job probably wasnt expecting an answer, but God began to address Job with His own questions: Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Have you caused the dawn to know its place? Have you comprehended the breadth of the earth?

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The man, in his 20s, suffered a chest wound inside the Brooklyn Standard bar in Eagle Lane in the city centre, Queensland police said. Several firearms had been discharged during the filming ชุดนอนซีทรู pantip just before 1400 local time (0400 GMT), said Detective Inspector Tom Armitt. The video was for Sydney-based hip hop group Bliss n Eso. The band's management released a statement to Australian news outlets confirming the death. "The video production crew and our team are currently working with the police in their investigation and we are unable to provide further comment at this time," the statement said. It said band members were not present at the time. Ammunition type unknown Insp Armitt told reporters police were conducting a criminal investigation. "We do not know specifically how those injuries occurred at this point in time and that'll be [the] subject of our investigation," he said. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Bliss N Eso have won several Aria awards, the Australian equivalent of the Grammys He said members of the film crew had tried to administer CPR on the victim, but the man eventually died from his injuries.